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Definition of support:

  1. A compilation of statutes or decisions analytically arranged. The term is applied in a general sense to the Pandects of Justinian ( see Pandect), but is also specially given by authors to compilations of laws on particular topics; a summary of laws; as, Comyn's Digest; the United States Digest.


have, back down, nurture, detain, aliveness, clog, condense, stilt, give birth, contribute, rear, nominate, pay, payment, embolden, obligate, collar, arrest, mount, dungeon, frequent, congest, deem, reassert, defend, harbour, choke off, financial backing, lining, gage, deliver, patronage, back off, advocate, go, can, subscribe, last, concur, house, survive, reliever, pole, tolerate, rampart, back, stake, expect, incite, column, back up, concord, permit, guide, maintenance, actualise, sustentation, sign, swear, post, fight down, endorse, digest, protrude, fight, behave, championship, living, backup man, throw, financial support, brave out, fill-in, indorse, stay, endure, plunk for, accompaniment, countenance, erect, hold in, have a bun in the oven, get, provision, gestate, backing, wear, put forward, promote, subscribe to, hurt, project, take for, clog up, represent, hold water, nutriment, run, brave, reinforcer, avow, run on, curb, have got, prevail, bolster, hold up, shore, bear out, fight back, co-occurrence, foul, substitute, stave, victuals, sanction, adjudge, bread and butter, take hold, bet on, persist, realise, domiciliate, reenforcement, allow, upkeep, take over, subsidy, game, care, shop, sustain, offer, make, defy, escort, keep back, acquit, weather, incarnate, substantiate, check, affirm, brook, take, entertain, accommodate, book, jut, stick out, alimentation, pillar, documentation, aliment, birth, deport, leap out, stand up, yield, animation, keep, lose, put up, restrain, hold back, musical accompaniment, patronize, bind, rib, nourishment, champion, conduct, concentrate, tide over, comport, nourish, backup, reserve, withstand, oblige, funding, donjon, punt, sustenance, life, apply, nurse, tin, confine, realize, obtain, stand-in, jump out, bear, hold out, jump, complement, carry, fend for, retain, software documentation, backer, reinforcement, raise, timber, choke, plump for, second, prolong, subsistence, confirm, contain, place upright, patronise, ache, corroborate, jut out, concomitant, shop at, view as, alimony, turn out, dependence, allowance, nutrition, keep going, remain firm, condescend, financing, buy at, abide, sponsor, hold, swan, underpin, delay, strengthener, bridge over, sustainment, embody, stand out, supporting, assume, instigate, actualize, body forth, give, reward, set up, stand, stomach, provide, agree, supporter, keep up, die hard, moderate, live on, computer backup, stick up, suffer, rod, live, reinforcing stimulus, halt, patron, go for, meet, bolster up, livelihood, bide.

Usage examples: