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Definition of supporter:

  1. One who gives aid or help; a defender; an adherent; that which supports; in her., a figure, originally of some animal, placed on the side of the scroll as if to support it.


agonist, help, backer, lifter, booster unit, booster amplifier, plugger, bedfellow, tub-thumper, whizz, gospeler, espouser, sympathizer, takeoff booster, study at follower, helper, adorer, booster station, jock, advocator, assistant, aid, hero, kit, cup, protagonist, takeoff rocket, fellow traveler, frequenter, promoter, wizard, adept, hotshot, fighter, expounder, whiz, mavin, champ, shin pad, ideologue, patron, disciple, sustainer, suspensor, apostle, confederate, virtuoso, proponent, genius, maven, relay transmitter, athletic supporter, relay link, adherent, ace, sensation, partisan, herald, booster shot, booster rocket, sponsor, admirer, champion, relay station, shin guard, athlete, shoplifter, booster dose, subscriber, follower, service, jersey, paladin, true believer, acquaintance, superstar, hierophant, lover, exponent, title-holder, evangelist, avail, star, assist, upholder, high priest, fanatic, assistance, garter, friend, advocate, jockstrap, recall dose, white knight, man, box, wiz, booster, presenter, leotard.

Usage examples: