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Definition of supreme:

  1. Highest; greatest; most excellent; holding the highest place in government or power.


compulsory, lead, numero uno, ultimate, capital, tyrannical, great, exacting, serious, coercive, arbitrary, dogmatic, genteel, excellent, key, acute, good, arrogant, high, prior, nth, principal, dictatorial, profound, number one, utmost, first, lordly, overbearing, compulsive, overriding, primary, outside, primal, A-list, greatest, self-governing, autocratic, top, arch, independent, superior, max, common, dominant, irresponsible, prime, imperative, premier, born, maximal, dire, big, B-list, domineering, central, last, extreme, haughty, grave, rigorous, presiding, imperious, severe, uttermost, overmastering, desperate, peremptory, maximum, despotic, main, sovereign, autonomous, highest, grand, below, cardinal, awful, preeminent, supereminent.

Usage examples: