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Definition of surely:

  1. Certainly.


honestly, beyond/without a shadow of a doubt, forsooth, of all things/people/places, as a matter of course, unshakably, inarguably, in all conscience, inevitably, simply, I don't mind if I do, unless I'm mistaken, without any doubt, distinctly, naturally, evidently, by all means, Well, I never, yes, now I've seen everything/it all, unerringly, at all events, with confidence, decidedly, beyond the shadow of a doubt, certainly, rain or shine, I bet/I'll bet (that), most assuredly, essentially, alright, that's right, at any rate, know for a fact (that), in my humble opinion, easily, to be sure, so, infallibly, unarguably, nothing else but, for certain, you don't say, who would have thought...?, truly, funnily enough, explicitly, beyond question, precisely, of course, really, sure-enough, admittedly, actually, fixedly, unfailingly, all right, unmistakably, without doubt, with certainty, you're on, hands down, for sure, manifestly, doubtless, with assurance, uh huh, you would not believe, sure as shooting, correct me if I'm wrong, beyond doubt, sure, is that a fact?, no doubt/question but that, put money on something, literally, heavens above.

Usage examples: