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Definition of surge:

  1. The large waves or billows; a great rolling swell of water; in shipbuilding, a certain tapered part of a capstan.
  2. To swell; to rise high and roll, as waves; to slip back, as a cable; to let go suddenly, as a rope.


stack, hasten, twinge, go through the roof, heave up, surf, hatful, a mad dash/rush, deal, mass, whizz along, flush, great deal, grow, alternating current, blackout, balloon, breaker, arc, invigorate, hang glide, wad, thrill, color, good deal, flash, double, muckle, active, escalate, tide, charge, haste, increase, spate, multiply, rush, quite a little, reinforce, slew, inflate, gag, zoom, heighten, fit, boot, gallop, raise, hustle, impulse, pot, grip, bolster, peck, dart, strengthen, soar upwards, flock, sailplane, tidy sum, pant, stiffen, rise, wallow, roll, come over, brownout, jump, leap, race, retch, engulf, mountain, panic, speed, spurt, passel, outpace, wave, scramble, plenty, warp, heap, bang, AC, gasp, hurry, sharpen, outburst, buckle, pile, dash, stampede, mess, freshet, soar, flood, mint, sweep over, toughen, a race against time, harden, arc light, upsurge, sight, zoom along, scend, be quick on your feet, growth, step up, fly, soar up, heave, swell, mickle, batch, scurry, pulse, add to, spasm, lot, intensify, puff, run, whizz, heft up, explosion, raft, upswing, rushing, heft, billow, go up, kick.

Usage examples: