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Definition of surmount:

  1. To overcome; to rise above; to go beyond; to surpass.


outflank, pass by, discomfit, down, quash, go past, subjugate, overtake, overwhelm, trim, bounce back, overcome, insulate, inhibit, coat, transcend, skunk, go by, pass over, tame, exceed, work out, prevail over, get well, descale, put down, outmatch, whelm, get the better of, keep down, distance, traverse, stop, stand out, outperform, take, get the best, manage, cope, track, chasten, do down, upend, surpass, repress, triumph over, outstrip, suppress, overbear, overstep, get through, get over, dispatch, cut across, mortify, worst, travel by, get the hang, get across, curb, best, overmatch, excel, scale, crown, subdue, scoop, shrug off, cut through, outdo, master, sweep over, recover, smother, get around, outdistance, pass, handle, crucify, overmaster, cross, outgo, have the best, wrap, carry off, top, get, reduce, bury, blanket, stamp down, lick, cover.

Usage examples: