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Definition of surplus:

  1. That which remains over beyond what is wanted; excess; what remains of an estate after debts, & c., have been paid.


tautologic, overrun, beyond, bare, excess, profusion, wastefulness, extra, special, appropriation, scanty, surfeit, senseless, inordinateness, bailout, unembellished, purposeless, waste, bankroll, exceptional, otiose, lavishness, supplement, redundance, overcapacity, intemperance, surplusage, overly, redundant, free, over, blood money, dissipation, superfluous, plain, pleonastic, prodigality, more, amount, hyper-, overflow, unornamented, pointless, complement, unneeded, remainder, overplus, wasted, superfluity, change, plethora, trim, residue, bounty, too, tautological, bond, supererogatory, unnecessary, addition, additional, nimiety, overmuch, budget, cash flow, supernumerary, spare.

Usage examples: