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Definition of surprise:

  1. The act of coming upon unawares; an emotion of the mind excited by something happening suddenly and unexpectedly; astonishment; wonder.
  2. To take unawares; to come upon one suddenly; to strike with wonder; to throw the mind into confusion by presenting something suddenly to the view or the mind.


ambush, gift, care package, jar, freebie, shake up, phenomenal, ambushment, say, stupefaction, discern, tell, staggering, wonderment, bombshell, a first, spot, hey, strike at, disbelief, wow, oh, pick out, ooh, extraordinary, remarkable, red packet, earth-shattering, unexpected, come at, attack, assail, force, valentine, perplexity, sneak up on, identify, ambuscade, storm, notice, ramp, spring a surprise, discover, set on, mug, assault, blow, present, trap, jaw-dropper, rage, largesse, detect, aah, zinger, amazing, observe, settlement, a rude awakening, Astonish, good/oh Lord, startlement, surprisev, scandal, benefaction, revelation, surprisal, well, astonishing, recognize, a blinding revelation/realization/vision, stunner, surprising, sensational, affront, admiration, fly at, flash mob, confusion, stagger, go for.

Usage examples:

  • It wouldn't surprise me.

    - "The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise", Margaret Burnham.
  • Did it surprise you?

    - "Will Warburton", George Gissing.
  • A look of surprise came into the woman's face.

    - "Notes of an Itinerant Policeman", Josiah Flynt.