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Definition of surrender:

  1. The voluntary cancellation of the legal liability of the company by the insured and beneficiary for a consideration ( called the surrender value).


fall by the wayside, forswear, abjure, declination, concession, declension, tumble, decline, concede, deport, evenfall, retire from, conceding, drop by the wayside, birth, free, cast off, give birth, spill, render, kick, white flag, drive home, fork out, recant, declivity, save, retract, giving up, crepuscle, giving way, withdraw from, yielding, capitulation, throw in the towel, repudiate, downslope, deliver, dip, rescue, gloaming, fall, throw in, resignation, have, crepuscule, unconditional surrender, forfeit, bear, return, forsaking, fork up, gloam, drop out, grant, forego, lay off, delivery, free fall, give up, allow, fork over, descent, turn in, extradite, pitch, relinquish, present, pin, autumn, spare, twilight, downfall, throw overboard, dusk, depart from, cede, redeem, nightfall, dispense with, hand over, chuck up the sponge.

Usage examples: