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Definition of surround:

  1. To enclose on all sides; to encircle; to encompass; to fence about.


phone, medium, debate, resound, environment, bear on, environ, bug, go around, frame in, inundate, beset, close in, overreach, wall, desert, be bound up/together, strangle, put out, parry, scaffold, encircle, march, restrain, bound, fence in, ambient, surroundings, sidestep, frame, put off, clime, outsmart, interlock, confines, purlieu, butt against, framework, peal, kettle, adjoin, envelope, call up, band, hem in, be associated with, interface, circumvent, bottom, stanchion, duck, overlap, pen in, bevel, quarantine, context, badger, restrict, call, edge, interconnect, butt on, correspond, atmosphere, knell, engulf, abandon, base, link, blockade, setting, besiege, shut away, intersect, contend, border, do with, asphyxiate, back, smother, palisade, pester, interrelate, round, elude, girdle, invest, support, stifle, rafter, dodge, climate, foundation, repress, mise-en-scène, terrain, corner, muffle, hedge, milieu, gantry, reverberate, outwit, argue, butt, circle, fence, skirt, outfox, ring, lock in, beleaguer, apex, bump, touch, tease, evade, joist, join, environs, shut in, brim, have something to do with something, flank, abut, echo, beat, contexture, buttress, fudge, pertain to, suffocate, telephone.

Usage examples: