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Definition of survey:

  1. An attentive view; an examination of all the parts and particulars; the operation in examining attentively a district of country, a line of coast, a sea, & c., with the view of determining distances, the bearing of objects, & c.
  2. To overlook; to inspect; to view with attention, as from a height; to oversee; to measure, as land; to examine attentively a district of country with the view of determining its area, the distances between the most prominent objects, the best possible track for a railway or canal, & c.


discern, passel, adopt, eyeshot, vignette, great deal, pick someone's brains, good deal, opinion, go off, report, visual sense, pot, search, peck, visual modality, boundary, postdate, flock, check out, scene, spate, going-over, check into, field, mass, subject field, refresh, pile, assess, look-see, look around, brush up, subject, glance, reexamine, watch over, audit, critique, wad, perspective, blockbusting, raft, bath, travel along, BR, succeed, slew, follow, retrospect, look, watch, demand, atlas, rhetorical question, look back, muckle, discipline, subject area, check on, come after, valuate, fall over, plenty, globe, gaze, interview, outline, tidy sum, ken, keep up, mickle, stare, accompany, vision, espouse, vista, take in, lot, cartography, prospect, horizon, thought, bailiwick, look into, aspect, behold, go over, take after, review, descry, curriculum vitae, grid, resume, comply, put to, chart, batch, heap, play along, check up on, abide by, purview, keep abreast, quite a little, hatful, work, building society, trace, stack, due diligence, sentiment, chain, stick to, put someone on the spot, cartoon, bridge loan, grid reference, check over, panorama, keep an eye on, come, sketch, position, monitor, value, analysis, regard, come off, be, leading question, coordinate, persuasion, written report, pursue, cogitation, sight, field of study, study, mess, stick with, mountain, closing, suss out, see, conform to, mint, surveil, fall out, deal, balloon mortgage, view, appraise, contour, checkup, questionnaire.

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