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Definition of suspend:

  1. To make to hang; to attach to something above; to cause to cease for a time; to interrupt; to deprive of any privilege or office for a time.


eject, avert, audit, stamp out, fend off, shut off, earmark, carry on, head off, table, hold off, enroll, string, freeze out, attend, interfere with, prorogate, refuse, hang, absenteeism, forfend, squeeze out, lay over, set-aside, dangle, shelve, forefend, reject, bar, adjourn, ward off, allow, obviate, omit, check, suppress, put aside, prorogue, hang up, intermit, avoid, defer, droop, continue, pigeonhole, dissolve, freeze, waive, immobilise, appropriate, entrance, hang out, kill off, cut into, wave, procrastinate, drop out, freeze down, exclude, board, stop dead, hook up, block, hold back, kill, swing, cascade, deflect, immobilize, absence, stave off, sling, put off, attendance, reserve, debar, break off, enrollment.

Usage examples: