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Definition of suspension:

  1. The act of hanging up, or causing to hang from, by attaching to something above; cessation for a time; interruption; the depriving for a time of power, privilege, or office.


rest period, automatic transmission, faulting, drop out, ABS, trickle, antilock braking system, happy chance, rupture, reprieve, entrance, intermission, shift, open frame, rift, quiescence, falling out, acceleration, absence, attendance, rest, end, dangling, time out, jet, hiatus, enrollment, latency, prisonbreak, abeyance, brake pad, disruption, breaking, cold storage, temporary removal, foramen, prison-breaking, holding pattern, pause, deferment, hanging, attend, fracture, leak, air brake, bottom gear, absenteeism, breakout, interruption, moratorium, board, breakage, geological fault, stopping, spatter, splash, moisture, alternator, breach, river, abatement, severance, suspension system, break, suspended animation, cooling-off period, fault, enroll, condensation, audit, brake, sip, doldrums, respite, drop, halt, jailbreak, gap, break of serve, deep freeze, dormancy, brake fluid, suspense, gaolbreak, wall hanging, good luck.

Usage examples: