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Definition of suspicion:

  1. Imagination of the existence of something upon little or no evidence; doubt; mistrust.


ounce, shade, incredulity, disbelief, speck, skepticism, suspense, spot, indecision, doubt yourself, smidgen, hesitancy, streak, spatter, scruple, spark, hunch, hesitation, trace, distrustful, dab, question, bit, touch, incertitude, distrust, misdoubt, qualm, query, tad, scintilla, ray, skosh, doubt, reservation, distrustfulness, take something with a grain/pinch of salt, disbelieve, lick, smack, mistrust, suspiciousness, scepticism, soup├žon, smell, suspicious, mistrustfulness, a question mark over something, nip, irresolution, shred, dubiety, dubitation, reserve, strain, little, splash, intuition, crumb, misgiving, surmise, mite, shadow, ace, dram, peanuts, unbelief, uncertainty, perplexity, hint, snap, sprinkling, driblet, glimmer.

Usage examples: