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Definition of sustenance:

  1. Support; food; victuals.


life, provisions, keep, aliment, nutriment, call, eatable, cooking, commissariat, dish, accompaniment, division of labor, feeding, musical accompaniment, comestible, victuals, bread and butter, diet, criminal maintenance, collaboration, sustentation, upkeep, delegation, satisfaction, nourishment, supporting, edible, satisfy, if desired, pabulum, reinforcement, groceries, appointment, nutrition, victual, alimentation, content, regimen, living, aliveness, on demand, reenforcement, satiety, dungeon, maintenance, funding, animation, fodder, forage, subsistence, backing, business, backup, background, alimony, livelihood, calling, satiate, financial backing, care, provender, hold, documentation, financial support, slake, career, support, sustainment, donjon, viands.

Usage examples: