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Definition of swab:

  1. A mop made of unravelled rope, used on shipboard for cleaning the decks; a mop for cleaning floors.
  2. To clean or dry with a mop.


bring back, pat, catch, dab, autopsy, mariner, cane, collar, sea dog, hearty, flush out, scrub, clean, blood test, braces, gob, diagnosis, shipman, bleed, check, checkup, cervical smear, sweep, navigator, bandage, tar, CAT scan, cast, anesthetize, amniocentesis, biopsy, corset, CT scan, cauterize, attend, wash off, seafarer, Band-Aid, compress, mop, anaesthetize, jack-tar, disinfect, swob, jack, cotton ball, rinse, wash, salt, swabbie, hose down, cotton, bypass, swill, seaman.

Usage examples: