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Definition of swagger:

  1. A swagman.
  2. To bully.


nifty, peachy, ripple, boss around, sidle, fluff, keen, cock, ruffle up, smashing, ballyrag, undulate, strut, bluster, stylish, sashay, dandy, fashionable, chasse, flick, corking, bully, cracking, browbeat, not bad, neat, gas, shuffle, riffle, swell, prance, shoot a line, gasconade, splosh, swagman, tittup, bang-up, hector, tout, show off, swaggie, bullyrag, pleat, rumple, mix, swash, strong-arm, spatter, ruffle, groovy, mess up, great, slap-up, push around, splash, cockle, plash, splatter.

Usage examples: