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Definition of swamp:

  1. A tract of land saturated with moisture, and unfit for agricultural or pastoral purposes, but having a growth of certain kinds of trees- commonly, though erroneously, used as synonymous with bog or morass.
  2. To plunge or sink in, as in a swamp; to overwhelm and fill with water, as a boat; to plunge into inextricable difficulties.


Everglades, polder, imbrue, marshland, spongy ground, sticky wicket, come in, mud, muskag, have, box, jungle, blow up, wetland, stretch, affect, tule swamp, spot, river bottoms, get in, pump up, overload, slough, souse, hole, soft ground, clearing, inspire, rattrap, bayou, jackpot, awaken, arrive, appear, fen land, get, rabbit hole, keep someone busy, touch, reach, catch-22, jam, ignite, scrubland, swampy ground, provoke, forest, draw in, holm, morass, besiege, run, impasse, flood out, bottomland, invoke, arouse, sop, overwhelm, fix, bind, moor, muskeg, orchard, work, rain forest, trembling prairie, occupy, glut, brush, top off, enter, charge, inflate, pickle, cattail swamp, peat bog, drive, dowse, lowland, dilemma, chaparral, wash, inflation, rouse, land, oversupply, swale, push, overwork, wet ground, boggy ground, corner.

Usage examples: