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Definition of swan:

  1. A web- foot aquatic bird closely resembling the goose, with a veryong neck, and remarkable for its grace and elegance hile swimming.


imprecate, redact, corroborate, lay out, drop, sick, sustain, mould, jog, puke, cast off, set out, meander, wrap, roll up, hurl, tramp, spue, float, err, retch, upchuck, crop, allege, depose, ease, spew, thread, maintain, twine, bank, creep, throw off, footslog, rely, assert, vomit, rate, asseverate, throw, affirm, pasture, dawdle, roam, put forward, wave, seethe, freewheel, turn over, depone, betray, curse, ramble, blaspheme, disgorge, pad, roll, slog, cheat on, divagate, wander, fall behind, blow, cat, contrive, vagabond, honk, throw up, shed, run, purge, cuckold, support, drift, digress, be sick, confirm, straddle, roll out, place, graze, cheat, dipper, drop back, grebe, verify, regorge, couch, throw away, vomit up, undulate, plod, browse, swear, put, revolve, grade, shake off, ramble on, avouch, mold, frame, trumpeter, regurgitate, wheel, hurtle, project, crawl, weave, whooper, rove, range, hustle, trudge, avow, aver, barf, cast, stray, be adrift, say, trust, control, chuck, substantiate, cuss, draw, rank, order, array, insist, pluck, wind, trail, flap.

Usage examples: