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Definition of swarm:

  1. A multitude of creatures moving in a confused mass; a great number; a crowd.
  2. To crowd together with confused movements; to collect and depart from a hive in a body, as honey- bees seeking new quarters; to throng together; to be thronged or overrun.


beat, pullulate, horde, covey, pour, walk, constellation, bike, mob, group, well out, lead, flight, pelt, brood, rain buckets, haul off, legion, infestation, assemblage, pour out, litter, drive, lot, collection, brace, colony, club, alight, crawl, multitude, chirp, cloud, hive, crush, school, come, bevy, study at crowd, conduct, drove chisel, age group, bring, infest, hover, mass, scrum, teem, hatch, cram, decant, stream, spud, herd, sprout, busload, deliver, dense crowd, rain cats and dogs, bourgeon, host, flock, shoal, shoot, drove, set, troop, pack, circle, escort, press, germinate, gaggle, community, rout, army, flutter, shepherd, burgeon forth, array, fly.

Usage examples: