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Definition of sway:

  1. The swing or sweep of a weapon; the motion of a thing moving heavily; influence; power exerted in governing; any weight or authority which inclines to one side.
  2. To move backwards and forwards freely in the hand; to wave or swing; to influence or direct by power or force; to hang in a heavy unsteady manner; to lean to one side; to have influence; to bear rule; to govern.


express, lean, disceptation, tilt, rock candy, bear, credit, arm, comport, flutter, sweep, contain, take, stockpile, argument, transmit, arguing, deport, toing and froing, rein, get in with, contestation, expect, disputation, convert, swing over, post, death grip, extend, impact, rock'n'roll, stimulate, mold, sweeten up, stir, repercussion, convey, oscillation, shake, clutch, dribble, woo, undulation, pack, heft, run, reign over, restrain, leverage, persuade, stock, careen, contention, reason with, curb, list, rock-and-roll, joust, wave, swing out, swinging, target, inclination, shake up, roll, judder, juice, rock music, impart, in, rock, quiver, conduct, rock 'n' roll, weight, shift, escape from, have a bun in the oven, controversy, shake off, stone, carry, drop, mark, get around, leaning, didder, wavering, agitate, swing, nod, bounce, behave, acquit, wiggle, gestate, channel, transport, wobble, vibration, excite, throw off.

Usage examples: