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Definition of swear:

  1. To vow.


hope, range, confide, tell, pronounce, affirm, ramble, deposit, insist, rely, vagabond, depone, maintain, excommunicate, inform, force out, claim, propound, specify, substantiate, four-letter word, testify, blaspheme, predicate, give (someone) your word, cuss, unchurch, drift, express, avow, say, beshrew, asseverate, bedamn, verify, confirm, expletive, desire, imprecate, set forth, curse, stray, control, swear by, protest, roam, state, avouch, depose, entrust, sustain, anathemize, damn, wander, warrant, justify, undertake, put forward, allege, vouch, aver, intrust, trust, bank, maledict, assert, commit, tramp, abuse, support, roll, vouchsafe, cast, swan, attest, vulgarism, dirty word, cussword, anathemise, believe, certify, rove, obscenity, corroborate, profanity, declare.

Usage examples: