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Definition of sweat:

  1. The moisture which appears on the skins of animals in hot weather, or during severe exertion or labour; toil; labour; drudgery.
  2. To give forth moisture through the pores of the skin; to cause to perspire; to exude; to toil; to drudge.


lying-in, disquietude, slave, agita, cause, fuss, while, sweat duct, strain, hardly dare (to) breathe, pother, soapsuds, endeavor, pit out, hidrosis, diaphoresis, dread, campaign, drudgery, drive, key pattern, exert yourself, fret, nervosity, mop, labor, solicitude, effort, drudge, tizzy, fear, concern, labour, dedication, beads of sweat, panic, exploit, heavy lifting, disquiet, fatigue, feat, cold sweat, twitter, worn spot, work at, have a lot on your mind, agitation, endeavour, transudation, body odor, apply yourself, overwork, elbow grease, expenditure, sudor, sudation, attempt, suds, huff, donkeywork, childbed, perspire, sweat off, upset yourself, put your back into something, apprehension, unease, grind, try, work, uneasiness, agonize, crusade, forge, concernment, nervousness, swivet, sudate, trouble, slavery, stew, pains, bead, pursuit, perturbation, wetness, steam, care, travail, worry, dither, moil, anxiousness, challenge, toil, swelter, fluster, exertion, confinement, insensible perspiration, swither, undertaking, buckle down, parturiency, lather, perspiration, apprehensiveness, sweating, BO, movement.

Usage examples: