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Definition of sweep:

Synonyms for sweep:

twirl, hybridise, hang back, crown, triumph, pass over, dig, record, dangle, progress, inlet, roll, battery, polish, distribute, surge, housekeeper, take in, disperse, drag, slam, tracking, fan out, spoil, outpace, conquer, search, charge, wriggle, fruit machine, bilk, dice, take, reach, lagoon, probe, channel, snarl, embrace, ravel, deckhand, get around, chimney sweep, pick through, recapture, spill over, thrashing, narrows, rinse, zip, spin, mop, clean up, draw, sway, mop up, movement, puff, slide, survey, swing over, hasten, amplitude, stroke, batch, rub, straighten up, drop, scuff, arsenal, chambermaid, die, manhandle, pop, hunting, hunt down, assortment, turn, diffuse, treatment, charwoman, transfer, pick up, get across, search out, width, sprawl, advance, open water, win, chimneysweep, run, confines, pick up after, trawl, budge, flick, whip, wild-goose chase, look for, shove, wrap up, be quick on your feet, pass, assemblage, dishevel, shunt, inspect, scotch, gaze, scour, fling, upset, gibe, assembly, sort out, prowl, seek out, revolution, be placed first/second etc., scavenge, sound, intersect, propel, haul, pervade, bevy, examine, domestic, traverse, shaft, interbreed, clinch, sweep oar, walk off with, drag in, cut across, speed, casino, bale, swirl, dust, navigate, zap, cart, espouse, fly, barb, scouting, purification, thwart, hunt, clear out, groundwater, span, foil, cleaning lady, go through, area, look, letter, gallop, victory, ambit, deny, agglomeration, cut through, frustrate, guide, hale, craps, cover, mat, rummage, romp ahead, drag on, shot, jibe, surface area, crossbreed, romp, walk away with, tousle, knot, cross, neck, field, chimneysweeper, sweep up, dart, drag out, check on, housemaid, hybridize, dredge, baffle, skim, race, realm, carry off, whisk, get over, get behind, sail, track, trail, adopt, winning streak, voyage, expanse, award, course, spread out, sponge, whirl, dimension, permeate, see, about-face, brush, embroil, broom, twist, notch up, bank, entangle, tangle, double, maid, end run, stare, rotation, look around, detoxification, lave, cleaner, walkover, drop back, look out for, drop behind, swing, ground, clean out, bingo, swing out.

Usage examples: