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Definition of swell:

  1. A swelling.


echo, au courant, cool, fantabulous, supercool, down, four-star, fellow, blue-chip, bully, ace, cone, wax and wane, splendid, sheikh, backwash, low tide, cushdy, capital, explosion, let yourself go, radical, out-of-sight, peachy keen, coil, circle, A-OK, grand, singular, fade, happening, high water mark, excellent, sheik, sensational, unsurpassed, cracking, frontline, gallant, possess, go off, cap, tip-top, phat, high water, bumper, clotheshorse, hype, double, fashion plate, not bad, top-flight, raise, first-class, peachy, tumesce, great, prime, swain, divine, select, brave, good, beautiful, slick, supernal, chic, blue-ribbon, first-rate, beau, buster, hip, desirable, topping, nifty, fop, sterling, step up, deepen, upsurge, balloon, maximize, quality, boss, multiply, swell up, keen, stellar, go through the roof, escalate, plum, numero uno, crescent, tribal sheik, walk away with, slap-up, mean, reverberate, gilt-edged, brag, wonderful, groovy, mature, neat, immense, feel, dude, smashing, top, wizard, jim-dandy, tribal sheikh, bowl, well, marvelous, experience, top-of-the-line, trendy, flood tide, bubble up, first-string, righteous, nurse, hot, surge, high-class, gangbusters, five-star, outgrow, intumesce, noble, choice, smart, bulk out, give up to, awesome, par excellence, puff, leap, overflow, classic, number one, tingle, fabulous, boyfriend, supersize, crest, sharp, gone, fab, primo, go up, modish, jump, rise, superior, ball, ring, yawl, crestless wave, boffo, exclusive, upswing, fine, billow, bang-up, high tide, heavenly, top-notch, squire, prize, breaker, banner, voguish, young man, corking, crackerjack, tumefy, soar, band, spurt, superb, scale up, blow up, top-shelf, terrific, fashionable, A1, bulge, puff out, growth, superlative, swish, dope, fantastic, famous, deafen, burn, prizewinning, well up, dynamite, puff up, add to, lovely, in, dandy, snappy, bubble, bonny, fresh.

Usage examples: