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Definition of swelling:

  1. Act of enlarging or increasing in bulk; inflation; a tumour; any morbid enlargement; protuberance.
  2. Increasing; tumid; turgid, as style or language.


gibbosity, pompousness, splashiness, wen, clump, hallucination, knot, hunk, ridge, extrusion, ball, goon, boil, injured, ostentatiousness, carbuncle, bunion, bulge, lubber, crisis, protrusion, intumescency, glob, pock, protuberance, pathology, jut, pretentiousness, athlete's foot, gawk, black eye, chill, stumblebum, aetiology, lump, intumescence, dehydration, bump, etiology, blow, oaf, weal, prominence, blister, suppuration, ostentation, complication, node, blotch, abscess, tumor, inflammation, clod, puffiness, hump, expulsion, pomposity, injury, lout, pimple, pustule, aetiology, nodule, sore, perforation, bedsore, corn, blackhead, wale, gibbousness, projection, wart, chunk, lummox, jutting, abrasion, excrescence, contusion, blemish, discharge.

Usage examples: