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Definition of swift:

  1. A bird of the swallow tribe, so called from the rapidity of its flight.
  2. Moving a great distance in a short time; quick; nimble; speedy; ready.


whirlwind, lively, rattling, rapid-fire, blue-belly, straight, bobwhite, nippy, at once, zippy, headlong, budgie, western fence lizard, dean swift, bantam, sprightly, on-the-spot, lightning, fleet, deft, study at fast, high-speed, dizzy, bird of paradise, right now, instantly, splitting, alert, blistering, promptly, hot, active, gustavus franklin swift, fleet-footed, Jonathan Swift, budgerigar, bluejay, at full speed/tilt/throttle, sudden, suddenly, Sceloporus occidentalis, spry, fast, agile, straight away.

Usage examples: