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Definition of swill:

  1. The mixture of liquid substances given to swine.
  2. To rinse; to wash out with water; to drink greedily.


hold your drink, mop, mire, burst, splash, bone meal, nip, knock back, sober up, rubbish, course, trash, feed, abuse, crest, belt down, swig, cast up, flush out, break, stuff, splatter, dog biscuit, treacle, sup, waste, ravings, scrub, gobbledegook, barhop, draft, deepen, splosh, wash, swab, glop, spiel, sip, tipple, slug, mumbo-jumbo, pigswill, channel, catch, slosh, fishmeal, drink like a fish, squish, nonsense, dash, shot, swill down, spill, snort, have a skinful, birdseed, belt, birdseed, feedbag, cud, hose down, mush, pigwash, drivel, drag, corn, disinfect, come in, slops, rinse, squelch, slop, forage, wash off, garbage, double dutch, fodder.

Usage examples: