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Definition of swim:

  1. A movement on the surface of water; the air- bladder of a fish which supports it in water.
  2. To move about on the surface of water by movements of the hands and legs; to move through water by means of fins, as fish; to be carried along on the surface of water; to float on water; to cause to swim; not to sink; to have a waving feeling in the head, when the visible scene appears in unsteady movement like the surface of water; to be dizzy.


plunge, submerge, aquatic contest, syncope, carry, have, crawl, swoon, catch, splash, come down with, the butterfly, swimming, duck, belly flop, dive, develop, overwhelm, go down, bathe, swimming race, bathing, drown, breaststroke, go down with, contract, dip, blow, drift, get, knockout, be adrift, go under, insensibility, sink, decompression, cannonball, backstroke, afflict, suffer, float, jump, dunk, blackout, invade.

Usage examples: