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Definition of swing:

  1. Motion from one side to the other; a waving motion; an apparatus to swing in or from; unrestrained liberty or licence; the sweep of a moving body.
  2. To cause to wave or vibrate; to wave loosely; to whirl round; to move to and fro; to change position at anchor, as a ship at each turn of the tide; in low language, to be hanged.


send away, flap, fell, blast away, tremble, hack, cutting, turn, cut down, quiver, sling, leap, bang out, shed, backswing, hit out, tangle, wake up, ace, dangle, lilt, expedition, birdie, neglect, bounce, totter, wavering, backup, shake, target, bypass, strike out, reappraisal, joggle, snub, wave, shudder, miss, diverge, jar, swivel, drop down, sweep up, vibrate, acid jazz, caddy, brolly, span, jounce, commute, roll, go around, beat, deteriorate, oscillate, track, quaver, hesitation, renounce, vary, overleap, blues, brandish, redirect, back, shiver, stroke, deviate, manage, turnaround, strike down, swipe, wriggle, convert, cruise, undercut, arrange, sail, whirl, short-circuit, suspend, shift, motion, drip, wheel, put down, adapt, about-face, spin, turn off, vibration, bunker, cast off, oscillation, exploration, revolution, capitulate, revise, flight, unload, move on, twirl, backing, a change of heart, volte-face, deflect, on second thought, ignite, knock off, enliven, leave out, change your mind, chaise, excision, accompany, rhythm, day trip, whip, revolve, throw away, waver, stinger, flutter, conversion, field, bogie, baton, embroider, take, vacillation, maneuver, fluctuate, throw off, sweep, background music, drop, cope, aim, lunge, articulation, rotate, dismiss, grapple, circuit, cast, drag, bhangra, brush, excursion, sheer, overlook, crossing, fluctuation, slice, sway, drag in, swirl, twist, break, liven up, acid house, bluegrass, chaise longue, agitate, cut of meat, turnabout, cross, dribble, rotation, expend, strike at, cold shoulder, go, drive, treat, degenerate, manipulate, gash, omit, contend, beach chair, ambient, persuade, get about, cut, spend, sink, baseball swing, swing music, bebop, deletion, bring something to life, thrill, flatten, detour, broom, move with the times, wobble, jolt, blast, see reason/sense, embroil, drop off, jive, pivot, play, address, lounger, pretermit, golf stroke, beat out, quake, backpedal, negotiate, set down, cutting off, bogey, sparkle, reel, carry, get around, undulation, send packing, traverse, atmospherics, divert, swinging, circle, throw, golf shot, spice up, rock, perk up, shake off, get out, swerve, chaise lounge, devolve, veer, discharge, swing out, slash, parasol, lash out, swing over.

Usage examples: