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Definition of swipe:

  1. A contrivance for drawing water, consisting of a rod unevenly balanced on a post, having a weight at the short end and a bucket at the long end.
  2. To drink off hastily.


mulct, smack, bash, crochet, squeeze, lick, gip, tweet, burn, chop, move up, slight, lash, reverse, thud, hook, overturn, box, con, rear, slug, bop, soak, hornswoggle, belt, bunco, lift, vacate, whack, diddle, go up, twinge, kiss-off, plump, rap, lunge, clip, filch, snare, clout, accost, snatch, larrup, block, gazump, slash, annul, help yourself to something, slap, bang, abduct, purloin, thump, burn in, biff, rescind, hack, target, countermand, top, thieve, slam, hit, switch, poke, butt, surcharge, airlift, twitch, access, crack, douse, vellicate, face-lift, overcharge, smash, jibe, name, bring up, archive, pluck, stroke, uprise, gyp, scam, creep, abstract, slip, dab, crimp, insult, victimize, come up, whop, hoist, snarf, punch, nobble, bust, author, browse, welt, haymaker, raise, repeal, capture, fillip, goldbrick, revoke, spank, burgle, rook, short-change, thwack, plagiarise, bat, elevate, cabbage, hit out, plume, snitch, pick, sock, cut, offense, slur, stinger, swing, sneak, cuff, swat, pound, hammer blow, bump, wham, offence, addict, stripe, arise, rise, buffet, pilfer, clap, aim, pussyfoot, wallop, wind, back up, strike at, kidnap, walk off with, knock off, pelt, beat, lash out, blow, glom, mouse, pinch, call up, run away with, solicit, bonk, get up, name-calling, strike out, knock.

Usage examples: