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Definition of swoon:

  1. A fainting fit.
  2. To sink into a fainting fit, and appear as if dead.


give-up the ghost, paradise, elatedness, buy the farm, swim, perish, languish, syncopation, elation, buzz, seventh heaven, deliquium, zonk out, stupefaction, muddle, stall, thrill, die, fit, go crazy, blackout, intoxication, asphyxia, collapse, drop dead, spin around, expire, heaven, high, lose consciousness, lethargy, kick the bucket, pop off, choke, knockout, cash in one's chips, lick your lips, go berserk, exhilaration, rapture, pass out, syncope, exult, spin, rhapsody, go mad, fainting, stun, give out, euphoria, pass away, daze, dazedness, crackle, transport, exit, swooning, conk, black out, faint, slump, fog, pass, apathy, cloud nine, go, go under, knock out, hand out, distribute, snuff it, torpor, croak, decease.

Usage examples: