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Definition of swoop:

  1. A sweeping movement; a sudden falling on and seizing, as a bird of prey on its victim.
  2. To take or seize with a sweeping movement; to catch while on the wing; to catch up.


assault, jump, charge, lose your balance/footing, strike at, microscope slide, ambush, mug, onslaught, start, slip, playground slide, aggression, counterattack, lunge, hasten, surge, pounding, go for, set on, dart, pounce, sloping trough, speed, come down, attack, jerk, go down, flutter, tanning, chute, slideway, lower, gallop, rush, descend, flick, fly at, twitch, salvo, sliding board, glide, come at, be quick on your feet, fly, race, outpace, swoop up, lantern slide, assail, slide, coast.

Usage examples: