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Definition of system:

  1. An assemblage of things arranged in regular order; a plan or scheme in which many things or parts are reduced to regular order and dependence; regular method or order.


outline, browser, convention, usage, body, assembler, frame, canal, bootstrap program, ashes, game plan, guts, fashion, organic, constitution, formation, ethics, assembler, style, administration, add-on, method, mode, order, carcass, entrails, artifice, etiquette, basis, architecture, remains, policy, apparatus, arranging, bot, corpse, client, brass, placement, assembly, recipe, dust, governance, master plan, arrangement, organ, ground plan, assemblage, system of rules, tactics, cavity, transcription, custom, road map, operation, establishment, means, standards, governing body, game, battery, form, assortment, bank, applet, bale, agglomeration, part, arsenal, design, compiler, innards, blueprint, manner, how, dodging, musical arrangement, regularity, morals, clay, computer program, bevy, mode, tack, methodology, the proprieties, agreement, strategy, law, code, modus operandi, practice, rule, network, chamber, organisation, batch, complex, trunk, dodge, conscience, organization, project.

Usage examples: