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Definition of taboo:

  1. A total prohibition of intercourse with, use of, or approach to, a given person or thing under pain of death, - an interdict of religious origin and authority, formerly common in the islands of Polynesia; interdiction.
  2. Set apart or sacred by religious custom among certain races of Polynesia, New Zealand, etc., and forbidden to certain persons or uses; hence, prohibited under severe penalties; interdicted; as, food, places, words, customs, etc., may be taboo.
  3. To put under taboo; to forbid, or to forbid the use of; to interdict approach to, or use of; as, to taboo the ground set apart as a sanctuary for criminals.


horrendous, restrict, ban, blasphemous, disallowance, barred, archangel, proscription, wicked, no-go, circumscribe, restrain, perverted, prohibited, impermissible, out of bounds, nonperson, outrageous, ban, indecent, horrific, interdicted, disallow, outlawed, blessing, prohibition, forbidden, shocking, bless, hinder, allow, exclude, proscribe, appalling, inhibition, article of faith, interdict, scandalous, sordid, veto, angelic, deviant, interdiction, forbid, sacred, horrifying, angel, tabu, no-go area, debar, absolution, sinful, prohibit, restricted, amoral, in contravention of something, immoral, reserved, unethical, frown upon, banned, evil, blasphemy, verboten, out, proscribed, disgusting, blaspheme, holy, forbiddance, prevent, gross.

Usage examples: