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Definition of tail end:

Synonyms for tail end:

haunches, lav, undersurface, puke, empennage, back tooth, goat, underside, nooky, cigaret, nookie, end, butt joint, shag, understructure, screwing, female genital organ, dirty dog, commode, tag end, cornerstone, end, lowlife, bed, bunghole, derriere, base, booty, crumb, posterior, quarter, stool, place, canful, basis, screw, freighter, merchant ship, after part, female genitals, tramp, shadow, hunkers, piece of tail, scum bag, butt end, john, croup, layabout, can buoy, rump, tush, rear, bottom, idler, throne, ass, so-and-so, seat, do-nothing, git, back end, bottom of the inning, arse, female genitalia, backside, roll in the hay, bathroom, buns, tooshie, precede, fanny, rat, shadower, prat, tin, fundament, target, crapper, fag end, back, stub, bum, buttocks, stern, tail assembly, limit, foundation, groundwork, rear end, toilet, bottomland, loafer, keister, hindquarters, cigarette, coffin nail, arsehole, tip, poop, breech, rotter, hams, tin can, can, butt, laughingstock, caboose, stooge, lavatory, pot, stinker, behind, piece of ass, heinie, asshole, merchantman, hobo, foot, shtup, potty, tail, hind end, skunk, stinkpot, nates, croupe, cheeks, substructure, duff, privy.