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Definition of take apart:

Synonyms for take apart:

give out, dissipate, thrash, tear apart, carve up, damn, tear someone/something to pieces/shreds, dissect, canvass, attack, calve, decompose, smash, split, disrupt, dispel, canvas, disassemble, pull down, crack up, give way, go bad, fragmentise, disperse, psychoanalyze, tear down, dismantle, crock up, analyze, break apart, screen off, take down, level, lop, die, sever, crumble, strip, raze, psychoanalyse, collapse, analyse, dismember, harangue, lose it, crumple, disunify, crush, break down, divide, win, defeat, go, branch, tell off, overpower, discerp, cut off, split up, fail, beat, castigate, overcome, adjourn, separate, interrupt, scatter, pick, tumble, fragmentize, study, knock out, savage, resolve, take/bring/hold someone to task, break, snap, fragment, recess, rase, crash, censure, examine, dissolve, crack, conk out, break up, part.