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Definition of take off:

  1. An imitation, especially in the way of caricature.
  2. The spot at which one takes off; specif., the place from which a jumper rises in leaping.


move, array, digress, sally, ape, jump, withhold, split, cancel, expound, remove, explode, deduct, work, begone, ditch, pack, infer, furlough, scoot, pop out, split up, take, put off, drop, spark, push off, get going, scarper, educational leave, separate, embark on, instigate, bring out, knock off, shape up, comedy, exposit, push on, incite, offset, begin, break, break up, protrude, cut out, function, send up, commence, dig out, half-day, part, satire, deviate, burgle, develop, shoot off, pose as, get out, trip, hop, bail out, coffee break, down, pop, steal, get down, initiate, get off the ground, book, spark off, knock over, doff, run along, imitation, start out, shove, comp time, detonate, impersonate, dive, pike, airlift, stir up, sidetrack, dislodge, rip off, clear out, parody, trigger off, captain, clear, bear fruit, climb, go, descent, run off, abandon, originate, recoup, touch off, come down, exit, start up, subtract, start, vary, set off, step, extract, lift off, set forth, eject, divide, deduce, peel, set out, take up, vamoose, ascent, bank, caricature, bug out, make off, blow up, diverge, bugger off, bulge out, set about, sweep away, prosper, flush out, come out, straggle, lead off, pull out, get, cartoon, imitate, take leave, career gapper, bulge, pull up stakes, compassionate leave, quit, depart, rise, work out, disunite, activate, dash off, derive, bail, come off, douse, absenteeism, down time, weed out, buzz, play, ridicule, go off, masquerade, range, peel off, burglarize, go away, abate, startle, actuate, take time off, departure, lay out, clear off, get off, skip out, mimic, walk out, trigger, shrug off, bug off, leave.