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Definition of talent:

  1. Among the ancient Greeks, a weight and a denomination of money equal to 60 minae or 6, 000 drachmae. The Attic talent, as a weight, was about 57 lbs. avoirdupois; as a denomination of silver money, its value was £ 243 15s. sterling, or about $ 1, 180.
  2. Among the Hebrews, a weight and denomination of money. For silver it was equivalent to 3, 000 shekels, and in weight was equal to about 93 lbs. avoirdupois.
  3. Inclination; will; disposition; desire.
  4. Intellectual ability, natural or acquired; mental endowment or capacity; skill in accomplishing; a special gift, particularly in business, art, or the like; faculty; a use of the word probably originating in the Scripture parable of the talents ( Matt. xxv. 14- 30).


turn, forte, instinct, bent, aptness, giving, find, endowment fund, inventiveness, celebrity, gift, approach, notable, talents, natural endowment, head, endowment, faculty.

Usage examples: