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Definition of tangled:

  1. of Tangle


heterogeneous, compound, involved, disordered, obscure, afoul, entangled, tortuous, thrown, voluminous, mixed up, screwy, muddled, gnarled, composite, convolute, foul, knotty, problematic, tough, rootbound, mixed, twisty, twisting, out of place, fouled, Byzantine, intermeshed, convoluted, thrown and twisted, complex, conglomerate, twisted, matted, balled up, intertwined, problematical, intricate, manifold, knit together, mingled, snarly, Daedalian, gnarly, simple, enmeshed, abstruse, knotted, multiform, raveled, daedal, trapped, winding, elusive, labyrinthine, wires crossed, involute, messed up, knobbed, chaotic, baffling, snarled.

Usage examples: