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Definition of tarry:

  1. Consisting of, or covered with, tar; like tar.
  2. Stay; stop; delay.
  3. To delay; to defer; to put off.
  4. To delay; to put off going or coming; to loiter.
  5. To stay or remain behind; to wait.
  6. To stay; to abide; to continue; to lodge.
  7. To wait for; to stay or stop for.


poke, linger, hang around, bum, lallygag, frothy, delay, anticipate, lie in wait, dwell, sooty, cobbled, fast, lodge, arse around, lounge about, armor-plated, inhabit, adhesive, gilded, loll, jet, dally, jet-black, dally, dilly-dally, lollygag, grass, lag, stand, mill about, procrastinate, bide, lurk, bum around, mill around, waste one's time, ambush, resinous, watch, coal-black, furry, stop, stick around, pause, mess about, reside, loiter, expect, bum about, bushwhack, loaf, sojourn, frig around, skulk, gilt, waylay, lounge, lounge around, arse about, hover, confront, pitchy, scupper, footle, rest, resiny, live, gold-plated, study at wait, loll around, dawdle, keep, drag, mill, ambuscade, stay behind, foamy, await, gift-wrapped, trail.

Usage examples: