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Definition of tasteful:

  1. Having a high relish; savory.
  2. Having or exhibiting good taste; in accordance with good taste; tasty; as, a tasteful drapery.


precise, restrained, smashing, yummy, delicious, cracking, orderly, corking, full-strength, salty, full-bodied, groovy, in good taste, flavoursome, clean, neat, chaste, processed, savory, bittersweet, seasoned, nice, gratifying, straight, scrumptious, grapy, bitter, polished, pure, appetizing, esthetic, flavoured, ambrosian, smoky, flavourful, choice, not bad, nutty, unpretentious, fastidious, svelte, spicy, pleasant-tasting, artistic, style, flavorful, bitterish, dainty, unobtrusive, understated, flavourous, sweet, keen, semisweet, peachy, aesthetic, flavored, inobtrusive, refined, grapey, piquant, sour, ingestion, flavorsome, saporous, plain, quiet, elegant, good, heavenly, unostentatious, sapid, great, delectable, nutlike, winey, urbane, vulgar, nifty, flavorous, fruity, tasty, swell, ambrosial, unaffected, subdued, slap-up, rich, bully, winy, toothsome, robust, dandy, bang-up, savoury, rude, esthetical, nectarous, zesty, pleasing, coarse, luscious.

Usage examples: