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Definition of tattle:

  1. Idle talk or chat; trifling talk; prate.
  2. To prate; to talk idly; to use many words with little meaning; to chat.
  3. To tell tales; to communicate secrets; to be a talebearer; as, a tattling girl.


murmur, whistle, palaver, rat, blurt, visit, click, squeal, vocalizing, blether, coax, babble out, clatter, blabber, buzz, claver, peach, verbalize, scuttlebutt, apprisal, sweet-talk, hearsay, jaw, mumble, brattle, babble, birdie, piffle, clack, verbalise, recounting, knowledge, snitch, blather, wheedle, cackle, word, blurt out, mussitate, bow-wow, natter, chew the fat, confab, gurgle, talk, blab out, dish, boo-boo, twaddle, smatter, stool, spill, whisper, relation, inform, chit-chat, gabble, sing, confabulate, cluck, noise, claver, bunny, cold, utter, choo-choo, bang, chatter, big, cajole, tattletale, blab, blither, guggle, gossip, chat, let the cat out of the bag, notification, prattle, bubble, tell on, rumor, words, shoot the breeze, inveigle, singing, blarney, ripple, prate, gibber, fink, law, report, mouth, tip, telling, cross, burble, spill the beans, chaffer, maunder, tittle-tattle, mutter.

Usage examples: