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Definition of teasing:

  1. of Tease


pettish, ribbing, tease, flirt, prickteaser, twitting, dirty, fractious, playful, galling, vexatious, vexer, minx, mocking, exciting, pestilential, tickling, plaguey, taunting, cranky, pestering, tetchy, scratchy, seductive, quizzical, annoyer, jeering, teaser, bothersome, comb-out, vamp, maddening, annoying, petulant, derisive, testy, irritative, irritating, corruptive, pesky, coquette, gibing, plaguy, tantalizing, vamper, peckish, perversive, irritable, vexing, kidding, pestiferous, nettlesome, pestilent, painful, tantalization, questioning, gibelike, disagreeable, provoking, techy, peevish.

Usage examples: