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Definition of telescope:

  1. An optical instrument used in viewing distant objects, as the heavenly bodies.
  2. Capable of being extended or compacted, like a telescope, by the sliding of joints or parts one within the other; telescopic; as, a telescope bag; telescope table, etc.
  3. To cause to come into collision, so as to telescope.
  4. To slide or pass one within another, after the manner of the sections of a small telescope or spyglass; to come into collision, as railway cars, in such a manner that one runs into another.


binoculars, prism telescope, Gregorian telescope, ambit, reach, mercurial telescope, orbit, glass, setting, helioscope, refracting telescope, Galilean telescope, telelectroscope, reflecting telescope, cathode-ray oscilloscope, opera glass, equatorial telescope, polemoscope, background, telestereoscope, telespectroscope, teinoscope, scope, glasses, oscilloscope, compass, range, telengiscope.

Usage examples: