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Definition of teller:

  1. An officer of a bank who receives and counts over money paid in, and pays money out on checks.
  2. One of four officers of the English Exchequer, formerly appointed to receive moneys due to the king and to pay moneys payable by the king.
  3. One who is appointed to count the votes given in a legislative body, public meeting, assembly, etc.
  4. One who tells, relates, or communicates; an informer, narrator, or describer.


direct elections, voice, fabricator, the FDIC, the Fed, worker, bank clerk, conveyor, elect, campaign, bank employee, vote counter, clearinghouse, central bank, beauty contest, fibber, election, disenfranchise, chad, bank assistant, credit union, clerk, counting clerk, counting house, Edward Teller, bank, pay-off man, lecturer, advance poll, narrator, presenter, speaker, storyteller, orator, clearing bank, by-election, electioneering, plenary, cashier, building society.

Usage examples: