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Definition of temple:

  1. A building dedicated to the administration of ordinances.
  2. A contrivence used in a loom for keeping the web stretched transversely.
  3. A local organization of Odd Fellows.
  4. A place or edifice dedicated to the worship of some deity; as, the temple of Jupiter at Athens, or of Juggernaut in India.
  5. Fig.: Any place in which the divine presence specially resides.
  6. Hence, among Christians, an edifice erected as a place of public worship; a church.
  7. One of the side bars of a pair of spectacles, jointed to the bows, and passing one on either side of the head to hold the spectacles in place.
  8. The edifice erected at Jerusalem for the worship of Jehovah.
  9. The space, on either side of the head, back of the eye and forehead, above the zygomatic arch and in front of the ear.
  10. To build a temple for; to appropriate a temple to; as, to temple a god.


stupa, tope, bridge, cranial, bean, crown, dagoba, headless, nut, dark glasses, frames, pate, chapter house, contact lens, scalp, cranium, eyewear, basilica, skull, contact, earpiece, eyeglasses, four-eyes, bifocals, kirk, head, house of worship.

Usage examples: