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Definition of tend:

  1. To accompany as an assistant or protector; to care for the wants of; to look after; to watch; to guard; as, shepherds tend their flocks.
  2. To await; to expect.
  3. To be attentive to; to note carefully; to attend to.
  4. To be directed, as to any end, object, or purpose; to aim; to have or give a leaning; to exert activity or influence; to serve as a means; to contribute; as, our petitions, if granted, might tend to our destruction.
  5. To make a tender of; to offer or tender.
  6. To move in a certain direction; - usually with to or towards.
  7. To wait, as attendants or servants; to serve; to attend; - with on or upon.


direct, favor, superintend, consort, conduce, scarper, turn tail, bleed, guide, execute, pass, run away, accomplish, hightail it, bunk, ladder, range, fly the coop, oversee, slope, hunt, function, prevail, go, track down, unravel, result in, tip, care for, guard, trend, do, carry, likely, die hard, be given, pitch, black market, lean, play, draw, scat, persist, nurse, minister to, squint, list, point, extend, course, dispose, make for, operate, feed, move, take to the woods, ply, verge on, lam, break away, flow, endure, incline, melt down, perform, melt, run, head for the hills, tilt, race, hunt down, escape, administer, work, lead, angle, manage, run for, campaign, slant, mind.

Usage examples: