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Definition of tenor:

  1. A person who sings the tenor, or the instrument that play it.
  2. A state of holding on in a continuous course; manner of continuity; constant mode; general tendency; course; career.
  3. An exact copy of a writing, set forth in the words and figures of it. It differs from purport, which is only the substance or general import of the instrument.
  4. Stamp; character; nature.
  5. That course of thought which holds on through a discourse; the general drift or course of thought; purport; intent; meaning; understanding.
  6. The higher of the two kinds of voices usually belonging to adult males; hence, the part in the harmony adapted to this voice; the second of the four parts in the scale of sounds, reckoning from the base, and originally the air, to which the other parts were auxillary.


pains, form, line, air, melodic line, stress, nervous strain, aim, mental strain, nisus, vocalist, stock, var., striving, burden, melodic phrase, strain, variant, high-pitched, purport, straining, high, tune, import, melody, amount, song, breed, tenor voice, substance.

Usage examples: