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Definition of tense:

  1. One of the forms which a verb takes by inflection or by adding auxiliary words, so as to indicate the time of the action or event signified; the modification which verbs undergo for the indication of time.
  2. Stretched tightly; strained to stiffness; rigid; not lax; as, a tense fiber.


unconcerned, calm, filter, jumpy, pumped-up, aroused, stress, jittery, excited, pumped, unrelaxed, in suspense, separate out, nail-biting, deform, strive, high-strung, extend, restless, nervy, sift, isotonic, suspensive, tauten, filtrate, taut, restive, edgy, electric, agitated, twitchy, fidgety, uptight, tight, distort, suspenseful, overstrung, tense up, constricted, cliff-hanging, wound up, filter out, drawn, try, anxious, puree, reach, wired, strained, strain, highly strung, sieve, nervous, skittish.

Usage examples: